Direct Tv Dish Network Or Cable Free Satellite Dish (Satellite) Better Deal?

Today, Great TV whether it be Direct TV, Dish Network or the local cable company is as much of a household staple as the can opener. Watching your favorite TV shows or keeping up to date with the recent current events or weather can not only help you relax but also keep your family entertained. With so many options available where do you begin? Is there a difference in cost? Hopefully by the end of this article you will better know what to expect.

First you must decide what your requirements are. Do you watch sports? Do you need local channels? Do you live on a specific channel? If this is the case, write down the channels that interest you so you can keep this in mind when we compare services.

Next you must decide between the big two, Cable or Satellite (satalite). After comparing prices I found that satellite was actually considerably cheaper per month for more channels than my local cable company. My only concern with switching service was the reliably of a Satellite (satalite) Dish. This was probably due to multitude of negative commercials my local cable company has shown. Commercials that depict the reliability of satellite service equal to a "your lucky if it ever works" service. Ironically, after several cable outages I checked into prices and found that the price difference was worth the plunge. To my surprise I have not lost reception yet! In my opinion, it seems like only the really really bad storms must block a noticeable amount of service and in those cases I am probably going to unplug my TV and head for cover anyway.

I have been very pleased with Dish Network so far so if you want to try it out you can go visit the links below. The only reason I chose Dish Network over Direct TV was a small difference in price and the package fit my taste just a little better. Most Satellite (satalite) services will offer a free dish or installation package if you have a decent amount of credit. If you don't have credit yet or if it is tarnished, you may need to pay for your receiver. But the upside is it will usually be free if you keep your service for a while. You will usually get an amount back every bill as a refund and you can move your equipment from house to house if you decide to move because you paid for it!