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Now Might Be A Great Time To Purchase A Satellite Radio But Stop And Think Before You Buy

By: Douglas Hanna

If you've been thinking about buying an XM or Sirius Radio, now might be a good time to make that purchase as the cost of these radios is now at the lowest point ever.

For example, Crutchfield has the Delphi Roadyxt XM Satellite Radio Personal Audio System Package for just $59.95. This package includes RoadyXT radio with car kit, antenna, and power adapter. As recently as six month ago, the cost of this unit might have been twice as much.

Crutchfield has the Samsung neXus 50 at $89.95 after a $50 mail-in rebate. This trim, little unit is an XM satellite radio and MP3 player and can even be connected to your home stereo system.

If Sirius is more your thing, you can get the Sportster Replay SPT-K2

from Crutchfield for $79.99 or the Delphi SkyFi2 XM Satellite radio and car kit for 59.95; Crutchfield also has the SIRIUS Starmate Replay for $69.99. The Starmate Replay unit has an interesting feature in that it automatically stores the last 44 minutes of the channel you're listening to - giving you the ability to replay favorite tunes.

Why have these radios gotten so cheap?

The prices of these radios have dropped to these new lows because both companies have adapted the "razor and razor blade" marketing strategy. This is based on a discovery made years ago by razor manufacturers - that you can just about give a man a razor because you will then sell him the blades to use with it for years and years to come.

In other words, XM and Sirius are offering you satellite radios at really cheap prices so they can continue to sell you their services at $12.95 a month for years and years to come.

Stop and think before you buy

Before you buy a satellite radio, you might think about two things. First, that $12.95 a month. On the face of it, that might not seem like much but that's $155 a year - this year and every year - for years and years. The second thing to think about is HD Radio. This new technology makes AM sound as clear and static-free as today's FM, and FM sound as crystal-clear as if you were listening to a CD. Plus, HD radio is broadcast over the airways and is completely free, just like AM or FM radio.

So before you rush out to buy one of those low-price satellite radios, you might want to stop and think about that $155 a year vs. free.

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