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I Want To Join A Think Tank

By: Lance Winslow

Have you ever considered joining a think tank? Have you ever considered discussing issues very important to you? Are there things in the world you see wrong, that you might like to fix? Would you enjoy rallying with others to make things right? Are you successful in your chosen endeavors and areas of expertise? Do you have the moral fiber and character and are you true to your cause? If so these are some of the qualifications need to be in a think thank; now the question is which one? Is 2006 going to be the year that you get busy and join an industry think tank in your profession or as a volunteer in a philanthropic group which strategies and finds ways to make things better?

Now then do you feel that maybe you are not smart enough to be in a think tank? Maybe but you are not sure? Do you think you might like to try it out first and see if it is right for you? Perhaps you might like to practice a little and if it works out go pick a think thank in a specialized field? Sounds like a good plan of action. Perhaps you can find an online forum think tank to participate in or find a group or network to belong to in a particular endeavor. It is good to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem, as we all know too many people who fit into that latter category don't we? Think on this in 2006.

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