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"the Mouse That Roared" By Dwayne Murray, Sr. - Compelling Drama

By: Cathy Yanda

Reviewed by Cathy Yanda for Reader Views (1/06)

"The Mouse That Roared"

By Dwayne Murray, Sr.

Madbo Enterprises (2005)

ISBN 0976985500

This book grabs you at the beginning and doesn't let go until the last word is read. It begins with a young boy, Doug Gunner, finding his father in bed with someone other than his mother. It also introduces you to Sandra Lyte, a beautiful young lady entering her first beauty pageant. Their two stories will intertwine until the very end of the novel. Doug grows up to be a drug dealer and an abuser with whom Sandra falls in love and has two children. Sandra, knowing what Doug is, believes, as many women do, that she can change him and life will be wonderful. When she finally realizes that she needs to leave to save her life and the lives of her children, it's too late. Doug will do anything to make sure they do not leave alive.

After everything Doug puts Sandra and her friends through, she never gives up. Her words to her children at the end sum it all up, "You will never leave my heart or my soul simply because we are one and no one will ever separate us." Some might say this story is about Sandra Lyte, but it isn't. It's about everyone she meets. The author is very adept at creating the histories of these magnificently beautiful people and bringing them to light. You will not find a character in this book whose motivation you do not understand

"The Mouse That Roared" is a rich story that will hold onto you long after the pages are closed. It is a surprise to find that this wonderfully crafted novel is written by a very talented first-time novelist, Dwayne Murray, Sr. Let's hope he is busy working on his second book because once you finish this one you will be eagerly awaiting the next.

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