Magic Tricks & Illusions For Great Parties Or Events

Everyone loves magic tricks.

Remember being enthralled by the colours and the music when your favourite magician was on stage. Remember being mystified by the tricks and illusions that you really thought were magic. Remember being told that all magicians were sworn to secrecy about how they performed their 'magic'?

Well with the internet it's easy now to find out exactly what they did and even learn how to do it for yourself.

You can imagine being in front of an astounded audience (who can't guess how you do it) and perform those same illusions that you have seen all the famous name magicians performing time and time again. Wouldn't that be great.

This is just one of my favourites that you can learn and repeat dozens of times:

Numerical Prediction

You produce a sealed envelope and announce that it contains a numerical prediction. Placing the envelope on the table for the moment, you hand a small piece of card and a pen to a spectator and ask them to write a number between 1 and 1000 on the card.

This done, the first spectator hands the card and the pen to another spectator and you invite them to do the same, writing their number below the first one. This is repeated with a third spectator before the pen and card are retrieved.

The card, pen and sealed envelope are handed to a fourth spectator who is asked to total the three numbers written on the card. When he's done this he opens the sealed envelope to find that your prediction matches the total of the three numbers.

All you need to do is make sure the people you involve are seated well apart and you have another identical card which you have already written numbers on. Then a quick replacement switch and you're a mind reader!