Articles In The News; Are They Ads, Stories Or Articles

The world of Public Relations and Press Relations is certainly interesting indeed. Sometimes articles in the news are really ad-vertorials and not actually stories or articles at all. That indeed can be a huge problem. Sometimes if the news about your company is too good people will think that you are paying the newspaper, magazine or trade journal reporter, author or writer of the article or story.

Case in point, recently a public relations and press-relations expert say an old article about our company in the Wall Street Journal and said I read your Wall Street Journal Ad. But it was not an advertisement article at all. It was a story and it was not even about our company, but rather our company was mentioned in a few paragraphs along with some other companies too.

That was a story or article not an advertisement, but then I see why she thought that now after I recently re-read it. There have been a couple stories involving our company in the WSJ over the years. It is also telling how someone can be so skeptical of good news about companies. As if to say all entrepreneurs and companies are some how dishonest. In fact it is quite telling of an anti-capitalist belief. What is more fascinating and something I have come to observe over the years is that it is interesting how individuals are portrayed in the media.

The media is a good tool, but dangerous too. They love to build you up, but will not hesitate to tear you down. Politics are deadly and it all about momentum during the weeks of voting. So you have to be careful, another reason why media relations is so vital to brand. The interesting thing about that particular Wall Street Journal article is that I actually remember it.

I talked to the guy for 30-minutes and explained my business enthusiastically, of course I love my business, it was my baby. I am retired now; yet in that half-hour of conversation the two paragraphs or so they wrote was interesting. Reporters are often like that, same with the USA Today article and the Franchising Trade Journal articles about our company. I tell you that the moral of the story is that press relations are important. I hope this article will propel thought in 2007.