Somewhere... Someone Is Waiting For You

Have you ever wondered? Have you ever thought that somewhere, somebody is waiting for you? Yes, there are people who wait for you; at different time of a day; on different days; at different stages of life. Purpose can be different; needs can be different; reasons can be different but they wait for you...they are waiting for you; for different things; with lots of hopes and expectations. In fact, they always wait for you.

This is not an article. This is not a note or write-up. This is not a story. This is just a thought. These are just feelings.

Let me explain who is waiting for you and why.

Who is waiting for you? People who are waiting for you can be divided into three different categories:

1)People close to you, preferably your family members

2)People known to you - your friends, relatives, colleagues

3)People not known to you - your customers, anybody that you don't know about; you might be meeting them for first time or you might just pass by.

Why people are waiting?

Different people have different reason to wait. Love, Life, Hope, Dreams and Happiness are some reasons that people wait for you. For example, Patients are waiting for Doctor, medicine and treatment. Students are waiting for Teachers, knowledge and result.

1)You have interviewed someone and have told that you will call back; that person is waiting for your call. The ray of hope that you have given to that person, his dreams are linked with that. Ask any fresher or any person who is jobless, what does it mean.

2)Its month end, people are waiting for their salaries. They usually get their salaries by 30th of every month but now its 4th of next month.

3)It is that time of the year, when people get appraised for their performance. They feel that after appraisal, there will be increase in salary; there will be few rewards and there might be promotions (Usually that is what happens every year). You are delaying it. People are waiting for you.

4)You are a service provider. Your customers have some problems; they want to give some feedback...they are waiting for you.

5)Someone related to you is in problem. They want you to listen to them. Help them in finding a solution. They are waiting for you.

6)Just your presence around them, charge-up some people. It automatically brings smile on their face. It makes them feel important, wanted and happy. They are waiting for you.

7)You are a hope for someone. You are a source of inspiration for someone. Your presence, your kind gesture, your thoughts, your knowledge, can help someone to move an inch closer to his or her dream.

8)You have committed your time to someone, that person is waiting.

9)You are a leader. You promised some facilities to your people. Time is running. You have not fulfilled your promises. After elections, you have not even met your people; those people who have helped you to win. They are waiting for you.

10) You are not at home, your parents are waiting for you; spouse is waiting for you; kids are waiting for you; your friends are waiting for you.

You are a source of inspiration and motivation for people around you. No one but you can help them in realizing their dreams. Because of you, someone is having a ray of hope in his life. Some people are able to eat and sleep, because you are there. You bring joy, hope and happiness in others' life. You are the only reason for many people to smile and cheer-up. Yes, you are special. You are unique. You are different. Love the way you you are.

With so many people waiting for you; with so many lives linked with is just obvious for you to take very good care of yourself.

Have a great day and take very good care of yourself. Do share your feedback and comments.

With lots love and care,