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Short Sleeves Insights- It's No Accident

By: Hal Manogue

"Remembering Is For Those Who Have Forgotten". Plotinus was right with that observation. It's interesting to see that observing something or someone changes that which was observed. The thought of "Objective Observation" is impossible. Everything is as it appears and appearances are based on perceptions. Perceptions are based on perspectives and perspectives are not objective. They are subjective. They are not something that I experience, they are something that I choose.
Those thoughts made me realize, that all the events that I call accidents in my life, were not accidents at all. Some aspect of myself was creating that event.

Cutting my finger while preparing a meal twisting, my ankle while running, rear ending a fellow commuter on the way to work and yes, even getting sick, was no accident. But I was told that accidents happened, they were not my fault, but some random act of me being in the wrong place at the wrong time or that I shouldn't have been doing what I was doing and I got what I deserved. I lived with the belief in accidents for many years. It was a relief of sorts to think that these events were caused by something outside of myself. Then I woke up.

By studying the laws of nature and being introduced to the new scientific discoveries, I now know that I am connected to the all of the universe. Every cell in my body is energy fueled by a universal source. I am what's known as a holon, a whole that is part of another whole. If I believe in accidents then their could not simply be one small accident, but a universe in which accidents are not the exception, but the rule. That would mean my consciousness is a combination of an accidental conglomeration of atoms and molecules without reason or cause that will vanish into nonexistence forever and would have come from nonexistence.

That would mean I am at the mercy of any accident in which my mind or purpose has little meaning. That is not the universe that I believe to be my truth. I form the physical events that I experience whether it be a headache or stubbed toe or that I am in a particular place at a particular time.
I create my reality individually and en masse.

So why do they occur? The answer is to grow, to learn more about who I am. With each event, I could see a message unfolding that was needed at that point in my life. I could have been denying my truth, cutting myself off from love in one way or another. It is so easy to believe in accidents while living in fear.

In Love, I believe that I create my experiences so that I express and become a grander version of myself. In Love, I am on the path of remembering. Love is all there is.

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