The Sacrifice Is Well Worth It!

How many times have you thought to yourself; is it really worth it? Should I continue to sacrifice more of my time and energy into something that seems as if there's no forward progress? Am I getting through to my children? Do my children really care about me and what I do for them? I'll answer these questions for you. Yes, the sacrifice is well worth it. And yes, your children do care and love you. Though your child or children may not express their love occasionally; you should know everything you do for them is well worth the time and energy you put into it.

As you set the stage; and the image and likeness you will find your child or children beginning to act like you, talk like you, and begin to do some of the things you do. Though it may seem they're not watching; trust me, they are. Today's children are very inquisitive. I find it quite amazing how my child can be doing two different things at the same time and be listening to me when I ask her to do something. Though she does not always move when I say move, I often ask her if she heard what I said to her. When she let's me know she heard what I said; I ask her to repeat it to me to see if she really heard me.

The sacrifice you make toward your children will pay great dividends; though you may not see them right away; they will come to pass. The time and effort you share with your children should be time "well-spent" to the degree where you will be reminded of certain times that mean much to your children. They will remind you of the different incidents that have occurred overtime over the course of there young lives. Keep being the positive influence in your child's life and be the model they will want to "look-up" to and be like.

I'd rather have my child be like me rather than some celebrity they see on T.V or hear on the radio. Though there's nothing wrong with celebrities I'll rather let my child see the real me through the good times and the not so good times as well. Continue to take the time to teach your child or children everything you can possibly teach them. Teach them how to cook, how to do the laundry, learn good money-management skills, and how to have a "loving-home" environment. Once you do; then you will see that the sacrifice was well worth it.

Your child or children are an asset to you and not a liability. Look, Children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of your womb is a reward. Psalm 127:3. If you are struggling with your parental rights and responsibilities sign-up to receive tips on life in general and I can help you with your parenting concerns.
Copyright © 2006 Clark A. Thomas