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7 Steps To Help Prevent Hair Loss

By: Niall Roche

You've all heard the old saying "Prevention is better than cure". To a certain extent this is also true of stopping hair loss. Preventing hair loss isn't as straightforward as, say, preventing a cold. Preventing further loss of your hair takes more than just healthy living and lots of vitamin c - this isn't "something" you catch from somebody else so in a sense is impossible to avoid. That being said there are several steps you can take to drastically reduce further thinnning of your hair.

Panic is the first issue people need to deal with. Both men and women have a tendency to go into a panic spiral if they think, even for a moment, that they're starting to lose their hair. This panic can lead to stress which, ironically, can then lead directly to visible thinning or balding. The first and most important step is diagnosis - make sure you actually are suffering from some type of hair loss. The human head sheds several hundred hairs per day - this is quite healthy, normal and natural. Don't freak out over it.

Let's assume that you have a diagnosed form of baldness or alopcia. What steps could you take to lessen the impact of the hair loss itself?

1. If you're a smoker then quit right now. It's bad for your body in general and in particular robs your blood of oxygen needed by the rest of the body. Smoking also affects the condition and quality of your hair.

2. Cut out junk food - it's incredibly bad for you. Eat more fruit and drink plenty of water.

3. Exercise. Going to the gym won't regrow hair but overall body health is very important.

4. Use the mildest shampoo possible and avoid the shampoo/conditioner two-in-one products. Baby shampoos are ideal.

5. Take a good multi-vitamin supplement. Codliver oil and evening primrose oil capsules are also recommended.

6. Consider aromatherapy, acupuncture or other alternative treatments to relieve any stress in your body.

7. If necessary then start using Rogaine and Propecia. The use of these products (especially Propecia) can visibly reduce and even stop (in some cases) the progress of hair loss. DO NOT begin using these products without having seen a doctor or trichologist.

Drastically slowing down and even preventing hair loss is possible. The sooner you start your prevention program the better - it's far easier to slow down baldness than it is to reverse it!

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