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Autism, Entangled Energy - Sending, Joining, And Receiving Thoughts Through Paranormal Channels

By: Mary Ann Harrington

Joining at higher levels of consciousness with my friends with nonverbal autism broadened my conception of the universe, as they led me on an internal journey to an ever-evolving belief system. Intuition, joined energy, direct knowing, and an atypical form of telepathy have now become part of my experience and evolving perceptual reality.

To send, to join, and to receive are the three key terms, I have chosen to describe the process. Each has its purpose and is difficult to define, but I will try to explain.

"Sending" is a conscious effort to send mental prompts using a form of telepathy that continues to broaden in its definition. I do this to help nonverbal friends stay on track. I allow them to access answers through me. I focus on these answers visually and sub-vocally. I purposely use this as a prompt. It is an attempt to entrain very disorganized systems. It appears that their thinking, is often free flowing and lacks organization. Like visual, auditory, motored, and gestured prompts, I fade the mental imaging and sub-vocalized prompts as acquisition of the material improves. I visualize the some of my nonverbal friends are lost in the woods without a map, I lend them my map-brain and sensory system, until they form their own trails-neurological pathways. I slowly remove my map-mental prompts, as increased independence develops.

During this exchange, I am purposely, and honestly the dominant partner. I invite my friends into my consciousness. My objective is to reign in their free flowing, gestalt, subconscious, dream like thoughts in hopes of guiding them and providing parameters that help them understand and utilize conscious linear thought patterns.

"Joining" is a meditative dance, where I work in communion with my friends. I am holding the keyboard, or offering some physical facilitated support. For me, the purpose during these supportive typing strategies, is to lose my dominance, listen intently, and support the typer. I always hear the word or words before they are being typed. Since we are sensitive to each others thoughts, it is difficult to tell what is coming from their consciousness, what is coming from my consciousness, or what is coming from our joined consciousness, spiritual realm or universal cognitive field. My objective is to provide a channel for these types of free flowing thought..

"Receiving" is an intuitive narrative that I choose when my autistic partners are not physically present. I mentally ask them individually or collectively for guidance as I and scribe the answers received. This intuitive narrative, may be similar to inspired writing.

Whether my partner is hitting the keys on his own and I am providing energetic support, I am offering some type of facilitation or I am receiving the information directly, I take the information, I receive very seriously. I continue to suggest that the reader use discernment as I am not sure if and when my lack of knowledge or bias might alter the communication.

The following questions and answers are examples of "received" thought where I tapped into the group mind of those with autism. In my experience, these individuals seem to intuitively have access to this realm and to each other. This dialogue was written in 2002.

Do you understand what I am "sending" as mental prompts for teaching purposes?

It depends, for abstract thought is plentiful but concrete reality is different. It is an inverse relationship to your own way of thinking. You meditate to raise your vibration and to see energy, feel the touch of spirit, or hear its voice. It demands training and concentration on your part. The more you do it, the more astute you become at uniting self with soul. In order to access this realm, you must acknowledge the universal connection. When you are engaged in higher-level thought, we are more apt to engage and comprehend not only the words but also the meaning behind them. However, when you expect us to let go of that universal connection and operate in your ego language based reality, our free flowing thoughts often lack the organization to explain in the context of the physical body. Limit our field of possible responses or choices and we will be better able to access your domain. As acquisition occurs, slowly broaden the field. (E.g. what would you like to eat? Initial choice cards might be limited to two options-cookie and pencil.) Repetition, broadening of the field of options, and systematic removal prompts will assist us in developing receptive language.

Can you explain the partnered typing process and nonlocal receiving?

You are about to transcend the ordinary as you seek instruction from the extraordinary. It will come to you through the process of whispered voices. Any questions we are unable to answer, we will defer upward. Ask and you will receive! We are guided by divine energy that unites all things and is devoid of ego.

While engaged in the processes partnered typing and nonlocal receiving, please clarify what is occurring?

Trance is second nature to many of us, but it is an individual situation. Without the interference of ego, we have access to spiritual truth. It does not require a channeled experience amongst us. However, it does require one to share it with you. When you open your heart and join, everything else moves forward, intermingling energy so profound that one ceases to be alone. It is commingling that gives us strength.

Are you saying that it is our "joined subconscious thought" that is integral to the process?

Yes, however it is often more than the two of us. Our initial joining increases our ability access the spiritual realm, divine knowing or the universal cognitive field. We serve as a catalyst for each other when merged. "Joined" consciousness of two or more people can be more powerful than either one is alone. When "receiving" you also surrender to subconscious knowing and connection with all there is.

Are some of you able to communicate with each other?

Of course - we are of a similar vibration, but it is more like simultaneous knowing since we have access to the universal mind.

Do some of you have precognition?

Since we have access to the universal mind through the subconscious, it is not precognition for us. We operate in two worlds. Thus we understand both what is happening and the meaning behind it. But it is often difficult for us to communicate in the context of the physical body. We do not know outcomes because they are transient, but we can surmise trends based on current behaviors of the collective subconscious. We realize that a shift in those behaviors changes outcomes. That is what we attempt to do.

Do you prefer a particular philosophical thought?

We prefer a feeling state that is spiritual, loving, uniting, and knowing. Our thoughts are unbridled and separate us from self.

Do you believe joining energy can affect world consciousness?

Yes, we do. It is within the ability of all of us to manipulate mass consciousness with love. If people sit in loving meditation for an hour each day, tension subsides. Unencumbered movement of spiritual essence appears in its wake. This essence heals as it flows amongst us, removing the layers of negative thought and debris that have attached to the spirit of each person. Know that to acknowledge lack is to create it. Abundant love has no boundaries. It encompasses all in its path to embrace the oneness of spirit.

As you know I often hear what is going to be typed and fear I might unknowingly affect the outcome, like I do when sending mental prompts. How can I trust the trust material like this during the "joining" and receiving "process"?

Transfer your dominance to those coming along for the ride by submitting to the unconscious thoughts of your passengers. Give them the wheel, so to speak, by stepping back and entrusting the vehicle to them. It is your fear of the upcoming crash that holds you back. It is your fear of letting go that is holding your passengers in a submissive position. Let them drive.

Do you want to integrate fully?

We are all different, just as you are. Some of us serve as channels. Some of us are here to experience love just as any integrated human being. Some of us prefer to stay aloft, for it is our reality. In truth, it is an exalted state-one that allows our souls access to the universe.

Is there anything you would like to add?

Truth is supported by the universe and eventually will move to the forefront. You are just meant to share, you are not meant to prove.

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