Solar Lighted Stepping Stones

Solar lighted stepping stones are a unique and innovative way to enhance the beauty of garden. It not only illuminates the garden, park, yards or walkways but also gives an added touch of beauty to the particular area.

Solar lighted stepping stone works through solar power light. Solar energy during the day time charges the NiCad battery and as the evening starts approaching it turns its bright white light on at dusk.

Solar lighted stepping stones are exclusive works of art which doesn't require any wires to install, no bills to pay and the Led never needs to be replaced. But that is not all the illumination time of bulb is of 8 hours. So it will glow all through the night and you do not have to worry about any bills to be paid.

Be it decorating your house, lighting the lawn or creating your walkway, this is a unique way of doing so. You can also make an innovative use of catchy colors on these solar lighted stepping stones to give them a better and captivating appearance.

In this fast paced life just a mere glance of these solar lighted stepping stones in the evening time may give you another reason to sit in your garden for a while and relax. These are also available in multiple types and you can buy according to your preference.

For your better understanding we have discussed about few types solar lighted stepping stones so that you know which ones suit you the most.

Tuscany Stepping Stone: As discussed above they are quite innovative, efficient and unique which illuminates yards, gardens, lawns, walkways, in private and public places. The chief feature of this solar lighted stone is that it is built in solar powered light. Solar energy charges the inbuilt AA NiCad battery during the day and gets lighted during the night. You can easily place it in your garden and there is no use of wiring so no bills to pay.

Solar garden lights: Also known as pagoda light it is often used to lighten the garden. The solar inbuilt feature makes sure you that you are not going to pay your electricity bills. It charges during the day and emits light as the night comes. This light is powered by high powered crystal solar cell. The NiCad battery gives a long life to the lights. The high intensity of 4 watt of fluorescent lamp can continuously deliver light up to 5 hours.

Low voltage lighting: The soft displaying light leaves an impression and will suit you. Low voltage landscape lighting flower light contains six flowers, low-voltage transformer, stakes, clear bulbs, and connectors. Six different colors of flowers produce different colors will surely bring great happiness to you.

These are just a few of the varieties of solar stepping stones. You can explore a lot more options with these devices which help you not only light up your garden but also act as great energy savers.