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Why Do Great Ideas Always Come To You In The Shower?

By: Lance Winslow

Have you ever wondered why you get such great ideas in the shower, when you do not have a pen and paper? Kind of unfortunate isn't it. Sometimes I get several ideas while taking a shower, just like you do, but then I forget them. This happens to many people who get ideas after they go to bed or just as they wake up.

For this reason many people take a pad of paper and pen and put it by their bed to write down their ideas, concepts and innovations. Of course this will not work in the shower. So maybe you might try taking a bath instead? Maybe the Romans were onto something there? Maybe you might try getting a digital recorder (not one that plugs in obviously). The last thing we want is that light-bulb that went off in your head to electrocute you as you transfer the idea into 1's and Zero's.

There are various theories as to why people get good ideas in the shower and some spiritual people swear it is the changes in the resonance of the water. Others proclaim that the water on the head disrupts other energy waves around you? What ever the science or actual physics is behind this known phenomena, it seems to happen to all of us and therefore perhaps you ought to be using this to your advantage.

Why not figure out a shower or bath innovation plan for yourself? Sounds silly, but it most likely will indeed work well and just imagine how wonderful it will be to get these great ideas and be able to put them to good use, by way of a new personal strategic plan?

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