Pure Dab Digital Radios

The DAB digital radio revolution is changing our daily listening habits; with the advent of new digital audio broadcast radio stations offering a range of music with CD clarity. Based in the UK, PURE Digital have become the world's foremost supplier of DAB digital radios, well renowned for high quality and innovation in the digital radio marketplace. This article aims to offer an introduction to the world of DAB digital radio and an impartial overview of the wide range of products available from PURE Digital.

Digital Audio Broadcasting, or DAB, is an innovative broadcast system bringing the benefits of digital technology to the world of radio. DAB offers a much-enhanced sound quality when compared to analogue transmissions; the sound is crackle and hiss free with no fading in and out. There are many more stations available with DAB, giving more choice of specialist music and speech output, from new, unsigned bands to quality sports coverage. With easy one-touch tuning, each new station is extremely easy to find, no more twiddling with those dial knobs to find a hissy reception where you miss the best parts of the programme you are listening to because the reception is so poor. These are just a few of the benefits of the DAB system; it's easy to see why this technology is becoming so popular.

PURE Digital, established in 2002, have shipped over one million digital radios worldwide, cementing their position as a market leader in the manufacture of digital radios. PURE Digital have an extensive range of DAB products to suit most lifestyles and budget requirements, from a sub-£50 FM/DAB radio and the distinctively styled Bug Too and Evoke, to the high-end Legato luxury micro system which offers Hi-Fi quality sound. We will provide more detailed, impartial reviews of specific models in future articles to allow you to make an informed choice as to the right digital radio for you.

Digital Audio Broadcasting is providing an elemental change in the way we as listeners, utilise the radio on a day-to-day basis. The crystal clear sound quality combined with the easy availability of a much wider range of specialist radio stations is ensuring that the DAB phenomenon will continue to grow from strength to strength.