The Ins And Outs Of A Plasma Television Wall Mount

If you dropped every last penny of your income tax return into that new huge plasma television set, and can't possibly squeeze out another couple hundred dollars for a new entertainment center to display it on, even if you just don't have the space, or maybe you prefer the look and feel that a wall mounted TV gives off, then a plasma television wall mount is definitely for you.

A plasma television wall mount is a relatively inexpensive way to mount your television set to the wall without having to deal with all of that extra furniture and equipment. A wall mount bracket has a slim line design for an attractive and unobtrusive appearance. Flat wall mounts offer solutions for your "close to the wall" plasma mounting installations. There are also many different options that will allow you to adjust the screen to different angles so that you can watch TV from wherever you are in the room!

Option And Features Of A Plasma Television Wall Mount

A plasma television wall mount comes in different sizes in order to equip the weight of your plasma TV. Be sure to familiarize yourself with not only the size of your new purchase in inches, but also in weight. Plasma television wall mounts normally holds screen about 1.3" away from the wall this varies from one product to another, but generally, you want it to be as close to the wall as possible. There are also options that allow the Screen can be mounted horizontally or vertically and also for screen orientation can be changed from horizontal to vertical once screen is mounted.

One of the best things about having a plasma television wall mount is the theft security it provides. There are usually theft resistant security screws that secure plasma to mount to ensure its safety in your home. It's easy for a theft to grab your television off of a credenza or shelf, but with resistant security screws, it takes too much time to try and steal your plasma TV. Another great option that a plasma television wall mount has is fasteners for wood stud and concrete installation. If you don't have very much wall space in your home, or maybe you living room was built with the fire place as the focal point, these fasteners make it easy! This way you can mount your television anywhere, even on the fire place.