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Ideas Without Action - Meaningless

By: Lance Winslow

Most folks would agree that ideas without action are of very little value. Ideas without reference or application cannot solve problems. We can make these statements all we want and we might even say that ideas or concepts that do not turn into completed projects that render desired results are of no value. Indeed, we could say this couldn't we and many do. Let me present a more enlightened thought on the subject.

You see, Leonardo da Vinci, had many ideas and hundreds of note books and sketches, we still have a few today. He designed the bicycle, a helicopter, human hang-glider and all sorts of things that never really were totally completed. Does that make his ideas the lesser? No, because after his death many of these ideas and concepts did come to fruition and therefore were completed projects and considered great. Of course, Leonardo da Vinci, in his era was only really known for what he did complete.

For those who say that ideas or concepts do not count for much, it is probably because their ideas or original thoughts are so limited in scope and their minds so small that they cannot see the bigger picture and for them I feel sorry, but they join the masses in their ignorance and will probably go to their death bed bitter old men, never enlightened.

This is not to say that action should not be put towards ideas or that concepts should not be made into projects, surely they should and the more research and development that is done the better. The point is that ideas are of value and any one who says that they are not has No Idea, what they are talking about.

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