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Concepts Vs Concepts - Ideas Vs Ideas - Child's Play?

By: Lance Winslow

There are some folks out there who believe that it is meaningless dribble to debate one concept or idea against another. These people claim that it is merely child's play or "High-School" stuff and it is irrelevant to life on the surface of the planet? Yet, if we think about this, wouldn't you say that debating idea against idea is very important in our society and civilizations?

Consider if you will that there is more than one way to set up a field for agriculture, more than one way to produce energy for the city and more than one form of government? Well, do you still believe that debating idea VS idea is kid's stuff? Anyone who still believes this after reasoning the reality of the serious choices mankind must make on a routine basis might be considered a fool for uttering such words or labeling the debate of ideas as nothing more than meaningless high-school stuff.

Still the opponents of the debate of ideas will tell us that "Adults do not debate" and go into a tirade of why true learned men and intelligent beings do not debate. Yet, we know they do, look at politics, look at the dialogues of philosophers of past periods and consider that before you make a compromise you must take into consideration all the pros and cons, otherwise you are prone to make a fool-hardy decision based on mass mob mentality or the path of least resistance.

We must debate concepts and ideas, against themselves, each other and the potential eventuality of doing nothing, as even sometimes that is the best idea of all. Anyone who refuses to debate an idea, most likely has not relevant ideas to consider. Thus why should we listen? Think on it, it is time to innovate and turn off the hypocrisy.

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