Natural Remedies For High Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a natural fat substance that is present in all the body cells as a crucial element in the stimulation of hormone production, bile function and vitamin D processing. For normal functional conditions, the system only needs a small quantity of cholesterol in the blood; once there is too much fat, it will deposit on arteries walls leading to coronary disease and other heart related health problems triggered by arterial blockages. How can we fight high cholesterol in the first place? A natural and healthy diet is the best way to stay fit and active, not to mention that there are certain herbs and even fruit or vegetables that lower the cholesterol level in the blood.

Garlic is one such natural remedy successful in the fight against cholesterol and studies show that this great advantage comes from its main function as a proven anti-oxidant. The garlic actually reduces the triglyceride levels, which are the first measured when in comes to cholesterol medical investigations. Dozens of scientific research projects confirmed the fact that including two medium-sized cloves of garlic in your daily meals will reduce the serum cholesterol while also preventing the cholesterol absorption. The main responsible great effect of garlic is the allicin - the substance that gives the specific smell to the plant. For those who cannot stand the odor or have digestive problems and are intolerant to garlic, there are supplements that synthesize the main components.

Other great anti-cholesterol natural remedies are considered fruits and vegetables included in a balanced diet. Oranges, lemons, grapefruit and lime are the stars of such a diet accompanied by apples, strawberries or kiwis, all thanks to the high content in C vitamin known for its anti-cholesterol and anti-oxidant properties. Moreover, recent studies have brought to light the wonders fish oil such as Omega 3 (alpha-linoleic acid) works in the fight against the fat excess in the blood. From food, the alpha-linoleic acid is more difficult to take, but not impossible. Raw flax oil, extra-virgin olive oil and quality oceanic fish are the main sources of Omega 3 to be included in your diet. In case you need more information on herbal remedies and homeopathic treatments, please subscribe to the silver bulletin e-news magazine HERE.