Water Acupuncture For Body And Earth - Healing Ourselves And Our Earth With Water Vortex Energy

In Appendix I of Olof Alexandersson's book Living Water, water researcher Christopher Seebach of the Aquarian Society tells us:

Vortexian energy, particularly in the case of water, derives from sympathetic harmonies and the avoidance of disharmony, as in the flow of energy patterns that are created by water as it becomes living water by moving through the bowels of the earth. . . . 'Dead' water is often the result of humanity interfering with the water's natural flow and energy forces. Water creates and follows energy lines in the earth.

Here, according to Seebach, we learn how water is transformed into living water by flowing harmoniously through the Earth. The statement that "water creates and follows energy lines in the earth" can be related to many religious beliefs and practices associated with water. Throughout the ages, the sites of many churches, places of power, and healing centers were chosen because of their proximity to flowing surface or underground waters. Even the Garden of Eden in Genesis was recorded as a place where "a flow would well up from the ground and water the whole surface of the soil."

In Living Water, Seebach mentions that water "creates" and then follows the energy lines in the Earth. These energy lines are sometimes referred to as "ley" lines. Since the earliest of times, various references have been made to these ley lines created by the energy of water. Structures such as Stonehenge, Newgrange, Notre Dame, the pyramids, and many other human-made "energy" centers have been and continue to be built upon locations where water and ley lines are believed to exert influence.

According to New Hampshire dowser Marty Cain, as quoted in the 1996 April/May edition of Earth Star magazine, these energy points created by water domes were frequently the sites where ancient labyrinths were constructed. Ms. Cain writes,

The water rises up from deep in the Earth, but stops before coming through the crust as a geyser. This water has lots of spiraling energy and pulse. It also attracts cosmic energy from the heavens, so there's a meeting of spiraling vortices. You can't see them, but you sure can feel them.

Chinese first used acupuncture to heal our Earth

This same principle was the basis for the energy lines of the human body mapped out by the ancient Chinese. Today these lines and the points where they cross each other on the human body are known as acupuncture meridians and points. The ancient practice of healing through acupuncture has evolved over thousands of years in China. The Chinese understanding of the close relationship between the human body and the body of the Earth is shown in the following quote from Chen Ssu-Hsiao, who died in A.D. 1332:

In the subterranean regions there are alternate layers of earth and rock and flowing spring waters. These strata rest upon thousands of vapours which are distributed in tens of thousands of branches, veins and threadlike openings. . . . The body of the earth is like that of a human being. Ordinary people, not being able to see the veins and vessels which are disposed in order within the body of man, think that it is no more than a lump of solid flesh. Likewise, not being able to see the veins and vessels which are disposed in order under the ground, they think that the earth is just a homogeneous mass.

For thousands of years the diviner-doctors of China knew about the channels of water energy flowing through the planet Earth and through the human body. There is proof of this in ancient art renderings depicting "diviners" using forked sticks to search for water energies beneath Earth's surface. It was believed by these practitioners that the water flowing through the Earth created a "vital force" to keep the planet alive and healthy. It was in later history that Chinese medical practitioners also discovered the same channels of vital energy in the bodies of humans. Of course, this was long before there were scientific instruments sensitive enough to prove that such energies exist in our Earth or our bodies.

An acupuncture chart of the human body clearly shows the energy lines, called channels or meridians, networking throughout the body to various acupuncture points. The acupuncturist inserts. needles at the appropriate points to restore and balance the flow of the body's water energy in order to help restore a person's health.

As David Ash and Peter Hewitt express in their book The Vortex:

In acupuncture, it is considered that there are definite flow lines in the energy body called 'meridians'; each organ in the physical body is said to be surrounded by a pool of subtle energy. The meridians act like streams, connecting pools of energy deep within the body to the peripheral areas of the skin. An acupuncturist treats the organs through the meridians.

Water as a form of acupuncture

This analogy of water healing in association with acupuncture has a basis in medical research. In the late 1800s, an Austrian doctor/researcher named William Winternitz, discovered that the application of water to the skin had a direct effect on the body's electrical nerve points. This effect was stimulated by so-called "arcs" that were electrical in nature, and connect the skin's nerves to the rest of the body's electrical network. It was noted by Winternitz that the focused application of water, whether hot or cold, was similar to the application of an acupunture needle in the same area.

The timing of Dr. Winternitz's research and observations coincided with the international rise in the use of hydrotherapy for healing. The use of hydrotherapy in Europe and the United States was greatly influenced by the work of Doctor Sebastian Kneipp, who was an international celebrity for his use of applying hot and cold water to different regions of the body to bring about various cures. Kneipp, who was a monk, was renown for healing world leaders such as Archduke Francis Joseph of Austria, and Pope Leo XIII. In 1886 Kneipp published a book entitled My Water Cure, which became a rare international bestseller.

It is in this fashion over time, that we have arrived at a better understanding of how water may act in the capacity of an acupuncturist. Which may be the reason we derive such relaxing and healing pleasure from hot mineral springs, or taking a power shower or a jacuzzi.