Let Philips Restart Your Heart

Since their involvement in the medical electronics area Philips have been developing high quality easy to use medical electronics that can save your life. Philips has developed and produced a wide range of exceptional quality defibrillators that help treat sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). The electronics expert not only developed efficient tools in the fight against sudden cardiac arrest but also fitted them to suit the abilities of the caregiver using them. Aside from sophisticated machines with multiple functions that can only be used in a hospital by highly trained professionals Philips has also developed easy-to-use home defibrillators that can be used without any special training.

Home AEDs are a huge step ahead in the fight against sudden cardiac arrest because now it can be treated instantly whenever it occurs. Since the action against sudden cardiac arrest must be taken within ten minutes of onset Philips has developed light and easy to use automated external defibrillators for any situation: home defibs, portable defibrillators for on site action, AEDs for the work place and many more, which can save a life quickly if medical help is not available.

The HeartStart FR2+ Philips AED is designed for in-hospital use and must be operated by trained members of a hospital staff. It is recommended for use in non-critical wards of hospitals and adjacent spaces like waiting rooms, cafeterias or parking garages.

HeartStart FRx Defibrillators are designed especially for the "who gets there first" type of situations. Whether in the work place, during sporting competitions or on the scene of an accident the rugged and reliable HeartStart FRx can help save a life until medical help becomes available.

The HeartStart home defibrilator is especially designed so that anyone can use it without any form of special training. This automated external defibrillator is designed to guide the person using it through the whole process while delivering a life saving shock to the person in need. Designed specifically for on site situations the HeartStart OnSite Defibrillator can be operated by anyone after very little training. You can acquire a HeartStart OnSite AED and use it to save someone's life if the situation ever arises.

The HeartStart MRx Monitor/Defibrilator by Philips is designed for clinical use by highly trained members of a medical staff. The device features a large color display, SMART Biphasic resuscitation waveform, superior diagnostics measurements; it delivers the fastest time-to-shock and has the longest operating time on battery power. All Philips products come with Philips support consisting in programs, solutions and accessories.