Should A Politician Running For President Set Up Community Think Tanks?

Whatever happened to Grass Roots Mobilization for Presidential Candidates? Now days we have 50 million dollars are more flooding the Media Markets, like water, but so few groups mobilizing at the community levels. Some candidates have soldiers on the ground in a few states like Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina, but as the race moves from state to state for the primaries, the conviction of grass roots volunteers seems less important.

Should politicians running for President of the US set up neighborhood "town hall" groups, or even think tanks? What if a Presidential Candidate did this across America? My thoughts for such an objective would be to make them Internet Based with local meetings in every city:

Presidential Candidate's Name


Community Think Tanks

Each one uses the same template as a foundation of their formation. The Theme is Freedom, Liberty, Pursuit of Happiness, Right to Property, among other things. They meet to discuss Grass Roots Plans to put the power back in the hands of those amongst us with the greatest integrity for the on-going vitality of our communities, states and nation. Once the Think Tanks are formed their jobs will be to foster community safety, security, education, efficiency, integrity; finding solutions, not complaints, excuses or blame.

The Think Tanks, could be a separate division of an already established Think Tank, as to not re-invent the wheel and after the race they could be whatever "they" decide it to be. Of course, the organization must do whatever works. It would be a breath of fresh air, and it is really what this nation needs right now. We have a consumer confidence crisis brewing and an economic flattening and mild recession occurring, we need UNITY and strength, not politics as usual tearing us down due to politically contrived chaos and controversy that surrounds long drawn out Presidential Elections.

So, in my "opinion" whatever is done, needs to focus on more than "just winning an election" because it is so much greater than that.Personally, and currently in the Online Think Tank, one which I am a member, I know we screen very hard for visionaries, not just complainers - doers and thinkers, not those who have surrendered their minds to the TV sets and have become mere followers. In an election bid, you need some followers, because you need an Army of folks to walk precincts and get the word out.

The Presidential Candidate "Signature" Think Tanks need a Local Leader or two and a few other leaders with people skills to organize, adapt, problem solve, and motivate the media, masses and political machines. Why do I mention this? Well, like you I am so tired of all the bickering amongst the contestants, it reminds me of the Donald Trump "Apprentice" show.