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Autism, Asperser's Syndrome And Ultrasound Use During Pregnancy - Any Links?

By: Lance Winslow

Are ultrasounds for viewing a fetus during pregnancy a wise choice? It appears a few scientists think that these ultrasounds are causing huge medical problems with babies. One scientist in particular has made some rather scary correlations. Not long ago a concerned citizen contacted the Online Think Tank to present this topic and she stated that:

Professor Jeremiah Wassah-Boolphrogg Director of Exculpatory Evidence at the Ted Kennedy Evaluation Institute in Boston, reported an "astonishing finding". Purely by accident, one of his staff placed an overhead projection transparency, which graphed the increasing number of children that had been diagnosed with the psychological criteria for either Asperser's Syndrome or Autism, over another transparency charting the same year's increase in Ultrasound Examinations. To quote Professor Boolphrogg: "As one can imagine, we were shocked to learn that these Graphs were Identical!

Interestingly enough, Professor Jeremiah Wassah-Boolphrogg's observation is one that I had considered myself, as the graphs of Mercury in the vaccinations, does not accurately match Autism, so that is something that, I considered. One other thing is the benzene usage charts and pollution in water supplies is something I wonder about, but the regional charts are not completely in sync either. Benzene is used in the manufacturing cleaning process of making silicon chips.

It seems those with higher IQ parents have more Autistic kids, thus some have speculated it is natural evolutionary process of the human brains next leap. But realize too that more wealthy people have more money to modern medicine and ultrasounds use to be an elective, if you paid for it. This could also coincide with the higher rates of Autistic in higher IQ kids, and the manufacturing of silicon chips was done in areas that would draw higher IQ parents for higher jobs. Thus their offspring would be higher automatically by percentage.

Another issue would be mothers of more wealthy people carried cell phones, which use to be 3-watts, now the wattage is less, but nearly everyone has a little cell phone and they are carried in their pockets, close to the womb. It would be interesting to see that correlation as well. Autism is drastically on the rise, so are the use of ultrasound. Now with most all families getting ultrasounds, it should therefore be impacting all human babies irregardless of culture, race, genetic displacement, IQ or income level. So, it is interesting isn't it.

This reports on ultrasounds and autism is not enough to verify that ultra-sounds is the cause, rather it adds to speculation that there is a risk there, I suspect there is, but cannot know that for sure. I feel that there is. We need more evidence and we ought to cut back on ultrasound use during early pregnancy until we know.

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