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Cure For Autism - Is There One?

By: Jen Miller

Autism is a disorder of the brain, and many people seem to believe that Autism is a condition rather than a disorder. By calling autism a condition technically makes it sound as though it is a curable condition. But the truth is that so far there has been no found cure for the disorder. But there is hope in the area of improving the effects of autism, it is shown in other disorders that there are ways to learn to cope better with it and this may eventually be seen in autism providing the right research is carried out.

There is still much research that goes into finding a cure for autism and I am sure that research will continue as time goes by. Dementia for example is a disorder amongst many old people and there is not yet a cure found, dyslexia is another example, but it is an example which shows much promise. The reason of this is because dyslexia has been studied highly and it is found that there are things you can do to ease the task of living with dyslexia. With dyslexia being a learning disorder it is slightly different as autism can be a lot more severe in some cases, but it shows that there are ways to improve the situation and hopefully this can eventually be applied to individuals with autism so that it can make life a little easier.

A cure for autism may be far off, but at least there is a chance that things may better in the future for those with autism, it is important to take things in steps and I am sure that the knowledge of an improvement is nothing but motivational for you. So just keep patient, you can even start trialling and testing your own methods as it could be vital when applying to others with autism.

There is hope for a cure, but it is unknown as of now, maybe in the coming years we will see development of therapy which can help improve ways to cope with autism. There are many ways to treat dyslexia so that it is easier to live with. We can adapt to these situations and for the moment all we can really do is sit tight and wait.

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