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All About Autism More Condition Symptoms

By: Melissa Fox

Autism is a developmental disorder, which leads to abnormal or delayed brain development, leading in the person being challenged in many spheres of life, such as social, behavioral and so on. While some of the symptoms are standard in most individuals, there are more conditions and symptoms of autism that vary from person to person.

Autism is a highly subjective disorder. Everyone suffering from autism need not have the same degree of the disorder. The degree of autism in individuals varies just like their personalities do. This disorder takes various different shades, depending on the seriousness of the condition itself.

Symptoms of autism show up in early childhood, ranging anywhere from 6 months to 3 years. While most autistic children display abnormal disturbances such as indulging in repetitive or peculiar social behavior, there are also some other traits that they show up.

These lesser-known traits of autism are as follows:

Some autistic children are extremely sensitive to normal sensory stimuli. They may even recoil from light touches, like they had been hurt in some way by the touch. Ordinary noises and lights sometimes may scare them so much that they may break down out of sheer fright!

They seem totally indifferent to their surroundings. Most autistic children do not prefer crowds. They show no interest in mingling with people. They may shy away or retire into a quiet corner where there is no one to disturb their peace of mind.

They even prefer to play alone. There is also a marked lack of interest in toys and such other things that normal children are usually very fond of.

Autistic children do not very often indulge in protodeclarative pointing. That is, they do not bring objects of interest to the attention of others around.

Some autistic children desist cuddling, while some others show an increased craving for the display of human warmth and affection through bear hugs.

Autistic children have difficulty expressing themselves. They laugh or cry for unknown reasons. Many of them use the language of gestures instead of talking, as they have a speech impediment.

Though many children with autism can read, write and speak, some of them may show a delay or abnormality in speech and language development.

Such children doggedly follow a strict regime, seldom swerving from their ritualistically repetitive behavior.

Many autistic children suddenly throw tantrums for no apparent reason, which may sometimes become violent in severe cases.

Many such children also show marked insensitivity to pain or fear of pain or impending danger.

These kids may sometimes seem to be deaf, in spite of having no hearing problems at all. It is just that they refuse to respond to auditory stimuli at that point of time.

Many children suffering from autism display uneven motor skills, especially in sports, aerobics, swimming, dancing and so on.

In some cases, these other conditions and symptoms of autism may get aggravated during adolescence and again take a dip once the person reaches adulthood. It all really depends upon the level and seriousness of the disorder in the individual.

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