Do You Desire To Be A Genius And Be Happy For Life?

If you wish to develop your conscience completely and become a genius, you must start paying attention to your dreams and taking notes. In dream interpretation, you will discover the solution for all your problems, starting from your psychological ones.

The wise unconscious that produces your dreams is the best doctor available. The unconscious regulates the functioning of your psyche; however, the anti-conscience or primitive conscience is inherent in you, which is violent and constantly tries to destroy your conscience through craziness. Thus, the unconscious has to encode the dreams into a symbolic form that you must learn how to translate into words.

After learning how to interpret your dreams and how to prevent or cure your depression and psychological problems, you'll learn how to develop your intelligence to the fullest.

Translation of dream symbols into words that can be easily understood gives you the key to another level of knowledge. Your vision concerning yourself, humans and the world becomes deeper, reaches further and many hidden places you could not see before.

First of all, you will become a genius only because you will completely develop all your psychological functions. Most people never come to that stage in their lives; they live in constant suffering because they are slaves of their one-sided psychological type that doesn't let them see other facets of reality but only the ones that it accepts.

Your dreams will reveal many things about you, the person you love, everyone who lives near you, people you ignore, things that you never imagined existed and several other aspects that you never thought important. Your dreams will prove how important everything in your life is and will reveal how you can always be successful in life and help other people be successful like you.

You'll see that the wise unconscious that sends you dream messages is always trying to help you become more intelligent and learn more. The more you learn, more you realize the extent of your ignorance and the more you will want to learn. By constantly learning, you reach a point where all knowledge is very easily absorbed and understood and you will be surprised with your ability in finding solutions not only for your own problems, but also for those of everyone around you.

If you are a genius, you can easily solve all the problems that do not appear to have any solutions and always be happy, without repeating silly mistakes of the blind and indifferent people who don't care for anything else besides "living well for today."

You will be very well organized and have an excellent memory, which will allow you to remember all the details of the reality you observe and many things that you'll only understand after reaching the proper level of psychological development.

Thus, your mental health and your happiness will be guaranteed for life.

The powerful and dangerous anti-conscience causes insanity, which has demoniac characteristics. It is a schizophrenic monster, the result of a disaster in the accidental formation of the conscience in remote times. Only a very tiny part of your conscience has managed to develop human characteristics such as compassion and goodness because it was helped by the wise unconscious mind. The greatest fraction of your psyche belongs to the anti-conscience.

Craziness is a danger that threatens everyone's happiness, but you will save your human conscience and eliminate this danger forever if you interpret your dreams and follow the wise directions you receive. If you are crazy, you cannot be happy and because of your crazy actions, nobody else around you can be happy either.

A genius is calm, balanced, sensitive, self-confident and strong. This is the base for his or her discoveries and these are the characteristics that bestow the power to wisely act and always succeed!