How I Manage To Reduce My Blood Glucose - From A Housewife

I am a housewife aged 56 and was a diabetic for the past 10 years.

It was very difficult and scary at times when my blood glucose spike up to 450mg. After controlling my stress and diet my blood glucose level reduces to 260mg which is still at a very dangerous level according to my doctor.

After hovering at the level between 230mg to 260 mg for a long time, my endocrinologist gave me an ultimatum, reduced my blood glucose level or he wants me to start on insulin jabs. I was having a back pain as my nerves have been affected beside my soles were having sores.

What happened after that was scary. While on the way to the immigration office to renew my passport I fell on the tarmac (road) and landed on both my knees. It was a minor bruise on my knees but after a week the wound got worse as it was badly infected.

I was very scared. I have tried all type of medications yet my condition have not got better in fact I started having blurred vision as well.

A friend suggested that I take a plant based supplement, Dbethics developed by Swiss scientists to go with my medication. I was very skeptical but was convinced when my friend says that the natural supplement does not have side effects.

I started on it on 21 October and my blood glucose level was 260mg then. After 5 days I was amazed to find that my wound have started to heal and new skin are formed where the bruises were. On 12 November which is less than a month I found that my blood glucose my since dropped to 140 mg. Not only that, the pain on my back have gone and I discover that new layers of skin have formed on my soles. I have continued to improve since taking Dbethics and is thankful that natural supplements like this have also helped many of my friends reduced their blood glucose level naturally without the accompanying side effects from drugs.