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Huffing Axe Can Kill Your Teenager

By: Corinne Bridgewater

Unless you have teenagers, you might not know what Axe is, but it is a popular teenage body scent. Unfortunately our teenagers seem to be huffing Axe. Meaning they are inhaling it into their bodies to get high.

Of course with their infinite wisdom they are not only huffing Axe, but they are huffing a lot of household products. I am sure most parents are not even aware of this. It is not the same as when we were young and the bad, ugly or weird people were the ones that hung out and sniffed glue and paint.

When you do hear of this huffing Axe thing you might react just like I would have a year ago. "Oh yeah I've heard of that, but I don't have to worry about it. My teens are to smart to do something so stupid as to be huffing Axe"

What I now know is inhalant abuse is a very different thing than simply sniffing glue or paint fumes. It's not just the poor mental cases that huff. A lot of kids are huffing; white, black, rich, poor, popular, unpopular, smart, not-so-smart, athletes, non-athletes, gay, straight, beautiful, ugly. Yes any and everyone can and do huff. Some are even huffing Axe.

I had a friend named Christine whose son Paul was arrested for driving under the influence of huffing. When she asked him what he did. He said, "Was my first time mom, just tried huffing Axe with some friends. I won't do it again, I promise."

So, young Paul was lectured and given a stern warning of how stupid he had been and the consequences if he was ever stupid again. Plus Axe was no longer acceptable in their home. Thus, no more huffing Axe. It was a done deal.

Wish I could say it ended there but it didn't. Oh no, I think this is something that will have to be lived with it forever. You see, I was in bed sleeping when the phone rang. Every parent knows and hates the phone calls past curfew. You turn and reach for the phone as your mind clicks off just where your children are. It was Christine.

She quietly explained that Paul and his friend had been killed in an auto accident. It was rainy and all that. She spoke of seeing him today and on and on and on. Then she said it. He had been huffing Axe and he is dead.

If I never have to hear the sound of that voice coming from someone I know, it will be too soon. If you think your kids aren't huffing, then think again. If you know they are huffing, then get help. If you think household products can't hurt your kids remember this, huffing Axe can kill.

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