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Xm Satellite Radio With Satellite Tv - The New Way To Listen To Radio

By: Randy Mccoy

For many many years the only radio selections have been AM or FM and while each of these provide a different format some things are still the same. The static that can be found when trying to pull in that station you want to hear but just can not seem to get it in right, then there is also the problem when listening to some shows on the radio and even some music with censorship.

Censorship is fine and should be used as anyone of any age is able to turn on a radio and find a radio station to listen too and this is especially good with young children who are old enough to not be in under their parent's watchful eye. However when an adult listens to the radio they are often looking for crisp clear sound and they want to hear the whole news show with opinions and language that may not be acceptable on AM or FM stations. They may also want to listen to music that is not acceptable on these other stations and as an adult they can choose to do so with satellite radio.

Since the beginning of satellite radio there are more and more programs and stations looking for
change and moving over to satellite radio.

Satellite radio because of how special the service and the programming is a subscription service and DirecTV offers their customers XM Satellite radio packages with up to 73 channels of satellite radio music, news and sports that are clear, crisp sound and completely uncensored. With stations such as the Big Tracks where the pick of music is classic rock from the 70's through the early 90's to take you back in time to when music was filled with guitar solos and drums, leaving out the bass that vibrates the room.

There are also stations like Beyond Jazz, this station includes all types of jazz both old and new like electric and acoustic jazz, acid jazz and the greats when it comes to jazz singers. Maybe Bluegrass is your choice for listening pleasure and for this type of music there is Bluegrass Junction.

The Bonyard is a station for when you are in the mood for action with bands such as AC/DC, Ozzy Osbourne, Guns N' Roses and for a little calmer music Bon Jovi or Metallica and this just touches on the 80's hard rock from America and Europe that can be heard.

When it is time to listen to something else there are stations such as Oprah and Friends, there is Radio Disney that will thrill the while family with fantasy prizes and the interaction on this station.

Then there are the talk news shows when it is time for catching up with what is going on in the world from conflicts to elections there are stations to hear each side of the situation.

This is what satellite radio has to offer at just a glimpse and with 73 of these stations there are sure to be stations that will interest everyone in the family as well as educate about the world around you.

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