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Satellite Radio Systems

By: Bob Maines

With all the news surrounding satellite radio, you may be more and more interested in these systems. Whether you want to take yours on the go, in the car, or keep it at home, there are systems that can fit one or all of you needs.

For those who are on the go, a portable satellite radio that works much like an mp3 player is flexible in its use. Plug in a pair of headphones and listen to your favorite music on the bus or on the job. If you want to make portable systems work in your car, you can easily purchase a plug-n-play system so that you listen while you drive through your car's audio system.

In fact many of the car satellite radio systems work in this manner. Others, however, attach behind the dash of the vehicle and can be left there on a permanent basis. Vehicle specific brackets, as well as universal mounts, allow you to place the system in your car as well.

Home satellite radio systems come as simple or sophisticated as you need. From a plug-n-play option to a tuner with optical and coaxial digital outputs, you can now connect these systems to your TV screen and home entertainment center.

Many satellite radio systems come complete with a remote control, especially those designed for the car and home, so that you can control your radio with ease whether you are relaxing on the couch or driving down the road. If your system does not come with its own remote control, there are universal remotes that are designed to work with all XM or Sirius devices.

Additionally, there are many accessories you can purchases, like car kits, home kits, and antenna extensions. Most car kits include a car cradle, an antenna, and a power supply.

Before you purchase any one of the many satellite devices, determine your needs and search for available products. Although most products offer the same benefits, the more research you do, the likelier it is that you are happy with your product. The happier you are with your choice of satellite radio, the more like you are to take full advantage of your subscription.

Those who are looking for a bargain can often find rebates on many types of satellite radios. Most rebates require activation by a specific date, as well as certain items to be mailed in with the rebate form. However, those who are able to take advantage of said rebates will often find a fair discount from normal retail prices. Portable devices are the latest craze and have been dipping into the iPod market lately. Don't forget to keep your usage in mind.

To find out more about satellite radio, you can look online at the available products or you can search retail stores for more options. At most retailers, you can get the experience of knowledgeable employees who know the different products, and most likely own at least one of them, before you make your purchase.

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