3 Signs Of Sensory Disorders In Your Autistic Child - When The World Just Doesn't Feel Right

Sensory disorders and autism are often found together. Some of the symptoms overlap or are a result of the other. Either way, in an autistic child whose living in his autistic world, it can become overwhelming to function daily as a result of sensory issues. Whether they experience issues with certain smells or textures of clothing, colours of food or loud noises, the world just seems to be too much too bear for this child. What are some signs to watch out for in your child? Well let's jump right in and see;

  • Touch hurts, or they shy away from it. Though it may be the smallest, most gentle touch to the average child, to your autistic child, that simple touch may feel like the whole world has just grabbed a hold of them.
  • Strong dislike of getting their hands dirty. Anything that dirties them slightly, like painting, paper mache or some foods sends them screaming and crying. For whatever reason, the texture of that mess is sensory overload.
  • Loud noises bring about screams of pain or fear. Well most children run to the window to see the fire truck drive by sirens blaring, for the autistic child this is too much. They cover their ears and cry at the sounds.

These are just a few symptoms of sensory disorders that may be present in your little one. Whether it is smell, touch, taste, hearing or sight, things are just a little off in their autistic world and you as a parent need to try to understand what triggers they have and how best to avoid them to help your child live happy and without sensory overload.