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3 Most Effective Tips On How Not To Lose Your Girl - Just Do Not Let Her Go

By: Kashif Ali

Losing anything hurts but losing a girl hurts more than anything. The pain is skyrocketed if you are in love. Some useful suggestions to avoid such junctures are given here.

1) Just do not let her go, no matter what happens. The ego, pride, anger or any other reason must not come between you and your love. Be assured that time will cool you down but if you lose her now, there will be nights when you will be alone in your bed , dying to be with someone , someone whom you talked and made love on the same bed. Those memories will haunt you all your life. There will be days and evenings when you will be crying for no reason, will be missing her badly, and repenting on what could happen instead of what did happen. Therefore, just do not let her go and try whatever you can to convince her to stay.

2) Be aware of her weak points.If she gets angry and says things which hurt you immensely and you can not help feeling bad, then, simply do not take anything seriously when she is angry. She will definitely say sorry and will avoid this herself in future. But if you intentionally make this a mess by lightening the fight over her innate weakness of anger, you are pushing her in other words to get out of your life by not understanding her. Suppose, if she likes to chat with other guys intending nothing but a chat and this is her habit which has developed over the years and you cant do anything about it. Now, If you want to have her ; be relax and ignore this act of her, though you hate her talking to other men, and if you want to lose her, you will definitely throw a hard fight over this issue and she will get infuriated too which will lead to either losing her or bitter relation between you two. The bottom line is that you must know her weaknesses and drawbacks which every human has, and you must not made them an issue.

3) Lastly, let there be no one between you two. Do not listen to bad things about her by some of her friend or even family member. But , if you do listen then never believe them. Whatever you need to tell her , it should be told by you and not by your friend or any second party. Develop a bond of trust between you and your woman in which no one can enter, by no one i mean no one. Share all those things which you always wanted to share, discuss and talk. You will never lose her, mark my words on that.

The day you will know her and respect her personality, you will win her forever.

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