Are Leaders Born With The Gift Of Leadership?

By: David L Allred

Who, How, and When are leaders formed and what defines a leader and separates them from the rest of the crowd? These are some of the questions that I am faced with as a mentor in my field. I am constantly looking for leaders. I am looking for those who are willing to and have the ability to step up and take a stand for their own life and the lives of many other ambitious entrepreneurs. In finding some of these leaders I also run into so many others who have the desire to be a leader of many, but aren't really willing to take the opportunities that are handed to them to do so.

So the questions lies: Are leaders born with the gift of leadership? I have been to seminars and workshop that were designed to attempt on creating leaders out of the people who attend. Can you create a leader, on your time, as a mentor? Can you teach leadership to someone who has a burning desire? Is there a course that can instruct leadership and speed up the process? I mean, we have all seen it. In a group of children, it is very clear which ones have the natural ability to lead. Is it the same for adults?

I think that many people are born with the natural ability to lead, and we are all given different talents that can be nurtured and exercised in order to reach their potential. But even if we are born with the natural ability to lead, there are still choices to be made in order to nurture and harness that ability. Just because someone is incredibly athletic doesn't mean that they choose to be the next Michael Jordan of our time. People CHOOSE to be leaders. It is something that is learned, and not taught. One has to want to lead, in order to be a leader. We are not born with the ability to lead.....we are given the opportunities to lead. We are not born courageous, we are given opportunities to be courageous.

It is by acting on those opportunities we are faced with everyday, opportunities to demonstrate our leadership, is what makes us a leader. I once heard that you do not fail all at once. It is not one sudden moment where everything comes crashing down. It is one small moment after another over a longer period of time that causes our ultimate failure. The same goes with leadership. It is one small, or large act of leadership at a time over a long period of time that turns followers into leaders.