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The Last Thing I Wanted To Do Was Tell My Family I Needed To Borrow Money!

By: Jeremy J Jones

Do you have a stereotypical mother-in-law? One that gets her nose into every aspect of your life? You can just picture the curly hair, the wrinkled face, the bent pointing finger and growling look as she tells you what to do. I know she means well after all you married her daughter but there is always been a question whether you were good enough for her.

A few months ago you dented the car in the parking lot of the mall. It really was the other guy's fault but your mother-in-law has not let you forget it. How about the time three years ago when he fell off the house while you were painting it? Or when you lost your job last year? Or even the time you lost the promotion?

She always seems to find something to prove that you're not good enough for her daughter and never will be. It's a never-ending struggle that you somehow wish you could get out of that you love your family too much to do so. I mean let's face it, she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth and everything given to her. She never had to struggle. She never even had a job and wanted her daughter raised the same way.

They may someday that day will come but for now, with three kids, a mortgage, for credit cards are maxed out, gas prices on the rise, food prices on the rise and the housing market falling, that dream seemed a little bit further off than you wanted.

And now comes this: the need for some emergency cash. It doesn't even really matter what the reason is, she really your nose bent over this one. If you have to come ask her for money, you're toast. You are lower than a cockroach in her eyes.

Going to ask her to borrow money is like being a cockroach approaching the Orkin man! It doesn't matter what the excuse-you're dead.

Remember that time many years ago when you and your wife faced a similar problem? You worked it out together. She took on a babysitting job and you get an extra project for your brother-in-law. After a few months everything was pretty much back to normal. It really wasn't that much money that you needed, maybe $1000 but you made it through.

But that was several years ago and things are a little different now. The economy for one, your age and hopes for the future another. You have a steady job but you don't get paid for two weeks and you need the money now. It's not like you can wait a couple months like you did in the past. You need that money right now and going to ask "The Wicked Witch of the West" is pretty much out of the question.

Here's what I did-I went and got a payday loan which is a short term loan of up to $1500 that is offset by your next paycheck. There is no credit check and there better not be any upfront fees (that's illegal). But hey, if you pay it off on time the interest rate isn't that bad and it's sure a lot less expensive than facing that wart on the nose!

The best thing is she won't even know! You can just go online and fill out an application for instant approval. In my case I had the money I needed in about three hours but most loans are typically done in less than 24 hours. The money is deposited directly into your account and there are no upfront fees.

It's also totally private!

Yeah I know you want to do something else and are hoping for a better way but maybe in the future you can plan for something like this. Right now with all the expenses of the kids and food and gasoline, it's pretty hard to prepare, but that day will come. This is just a temporary bandage for a short-term problem.

But it's a lot less of a problem than having to face "her" again!

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