How Hydroxy Gas Drives Down Fuel Costs

Hydroxy gas is made from water. This powerful fuel additive not only increases miles per gallon it removes carbon buildup too. An efficient homemade fuel cell can be made for less than it costs to fill a 20 gallon tank and the benefits far outweigh the initial costs.

Your hydroxy gas fuel cell is hidden under your hood, but you will notice some immediate changes. Not only will you be fueling up less, your engine will be running much smoother and cooler. This can even be noticed idling. The nature of hydroxy gas is a cooler more efficient flame. When you introduce hydroxy gas into your intake manifold your creating an efficient fuel additive. These fuel cells are completely reversible, so they don't interfere with resale value and can be transferred from one vehicle to another. Once your running a well built hydroxy gas cell, chances are, your going to want to keep it.

Homemade hydroxy gas cells are easy to make and the materials needed are readily available. With a decent set of plans you can build an efficient hydroxy cell within a weekend. These cells basically agitate water with electricity to produce a hydrogen blend (HHO hybrid hydrogen oxygen). This fuel blend is a super efficient cocktail that you aim into your intake manifold. The result from this is added horsepower mileage and cleaner emissions. Your simply using the same fuel more efficiently, and even cheap gas burns like high octane. If your not using this technology your costing yourself every time you fill up, drizzling dollars into your catalytic converter instead fully using that fuel you paid for.