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Plan A Fund Raising Event For The Winter

By: Tom Turner

Wintertime is possibly one of the best times for any church or school fund raising event. If you have been placed in charge of the committees for your church or school in which you need to raise some funds think winter. This article may be of use to you in planning your next fund raising event.

Some of the most common fundraising events are car washes and garage sales. Although these types of events can be productive, no matter what time of year winter may be the best season for this type of event.

Indoor Garage Sale

One of the main reasons that you will tend to have better luck with a garage sale during the winter months is because there is little competition. If you plan this event out prior to the Christmas season - you will find that many people will purchase Christmas gifts at your event. You can almost always find a large pavilion such as a school gym or somewhere or perhaps your church has a gym in which you can have an indoor garage sale and you do not have to worry about weather.

The Local Carwash

Although you may think of kids standing out on the corners and those warm spring days in the summertime, usually at sure leading squad raising money for their school of the car wash winter may be the best season again.

For the same reasons that a garage sale in the wintertime is a productive fund raising events. The car wash will also be productive, because there will be little competition. There are still plenty of sun shine filled day's that you could go out and perhaps use a local car wash and get people to donate money to have their cars washed and dried.

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