Waterproof Paint - Is It The Right Solution For A Dry Basement?

Having a basement in your home can add a lot of living space which comes in handy in a number of different ways. I know that whenever I was growing up, we had a pool table and some other recreational equipment in our basement. They quickly became the neighborhood hangout for all of our friends. Whenever I grew up and bought my own house, I made sure that it had a basement as well so that my children could enjoy the same thing. Unfortunately, we ended up having so much of a problem with moisture in our basement that it really just became an empty space that was underneath our house.

Whenever a house is built, there are certain chemicals that they can put on the outside of the walls which will seal them to a certain extent and keep the moisture from coming into your basement. Unfortunately, it is not something that is required by all building codes and many builders will skip this step in order to save money on the construction. If you end up owning a home which has a problem with moisture coming into the basement, you may be able to overcome this to a certain extent by putting some waterproof paint on the walls.

The first thing that is necessary for you to do is to remove any of the mold and mildew that has already grown on the basement walls. This will ensure a proper seal whenever you actually apply the waterproof paint. Although it may not be as waterproof as if they had actually sealed the outside of the walls during construction, it can go a long way in making sure that moisture does not seep through the walls and end up in your basement.

One other problem that you may have with water in the basement is actually where it would flood. If you have a basement that is flooding, no amount of waterproof paint is going to help you to overcome this problem. Although it is important for you to have the paint on the walls in order to keep the moisture from seeping in from the outside, you may need to do something in order to keep the water out in bulk. One of the best ways for you to do this is by installing a French drain around the foundation in order to divert the water away from the house and to lower land.