Cholesterol - 10 Golden Rules For Prevention Of Cholesterol

The presence of high cholesterol in the system usually goes unperceived until it is too late. However, when the levels overpass the acceptable limit (more than 200 milligrams per deciliter of blood), we begin to put our health at risk. High levels of cholesterol in the blood serum increase the chances of atherosclerotic disease and the likelihood of heart attack. It has been observed that high cholesterol has become a very common phenomenon nowadays with over 50% of the population suffering from this condition. It is a sneaky and dangerous condition and must be treated as quickly as possible.

Here are ten golden rules for prevention:

1) Abstain from hydrogenated fats such as vegetable shortenings and margarine.

2) Remove all fat from meat and poultry. Fish is a healthier alternative to meat.

3) Avoid foods high in cholesterol, such as butter, cheese, whole milk, egg yolk and liver.

4) Reduce consumption of white sauces.

5) Decrease alcohol intake.

6) Consume as much natural fiber as possible.

7) Eat a balanced diet, Mediterranean Diet is advisable.

8) Try to lose weight.

9) Walk, walk, walk.

10) Eliminate anxiety from your lifestyle.

In order to prevent increase in the levels of cholesterol, we must be aware of what this condition is, what it does to our body and how to deal with it effectively. Do not skip yearly checkups with your doctor and ensure you are having your blood tests on a regular basis as well. By educating yourself, if only just a little, can mean the difference between health and death. Cholesterol is dangerous and shouldn't be neglected.