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Sending Your Vintage Car Where You Need It, When You Need It - A Guide

By: A. Garcia

Several automobile enthusiasts have one possession they prize above all others: their vintage car.

Hours are spent washing it by hand, maintaining it's pristine condition, and generous amounts of money are spent to keep the car looking it's best. That's why when it's time to relocate, the owner of a vintage car needs a reliable car shipping company to get the car where it needs to be, exactly the way it looked when it left.

Ordinary car moving companies chain the cars up and load them on to trucks to be hauled to their destination. Of course, to any owner of a vintage car, this is an unbearable thought. Fortunately, there are companies that specialize in the transportation of vintage cars, companies that literally take every precaution to handle the car with care and ensure that it arrives at it's destination with no problems at all. What makes these car companies different is the utter amount of care they put into transporting your vehicle.

All the transport trucks have a satellite tracking system, so the company always knows exactly where your car is. All the drivers are provided with cell phones to be used in the event of an emergency to ensure that swift action can be taken, should a problem transporting your car arise. Unlike ordinary car transporting companies that haul the cars in open trucks, the vintage car transporting companies have special-built trucks that are enclosed to protect your car from any weather damage. You can even opt for a truck with an airtight seal! And, of course, no chains are ever used to restrain your car. Instead, a special tie-down system is implemented, guaranteed to never damage your vehicle.

Your options extend even further with the ability to pick what type of truck your car will be hauled on. You can choose between trucks that haul six car, four cars, or as little as two cars if you want a promise that your car won't be stacked on top of another vintage car. Most vintage car shipping companies also provide door-to-door service for your vehicle in all plausible situations. You definitely have your options when searching for a transportation company, whether your just looking to move your car to a different state or if you want it shipped internationally.

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