Affordable Boats - Can You Really Afford To Go Through Life Without One?

By: Dorothy Miller're looking into affordable boats huh? Whoa, get in line, because as tough as the economy is right now, and as confused as this election is right now, the demand for affordable boats is surprisingly through the roof!

Not too long ago, the idea of boat ownership conjured up images of money requirements that most of us, unfortunately will never get to. Sorry to sound harsh, but let's call it what it is. I know that for me, the idea of owning a boat was a notion I put right below home ownership and right above me owning the cars that I do.

It would have become the second largest asset I own.

And frankly, like millions of other Americans right now, I just couldn't afford the second largest asset I would own right now.

Enter the inflatable boating category.

What had started out as an industry designed to ferry torpedoes from one Navy vessel to another, and then became the more nimble rescue water-craft, has suddenly come into its own.

Sleek new designs, amazingly durable fabrics and materials, and warranties that can go up to and include 5 long years have turned the heads of people who have always dreamed of owning a boat but who thought, until now, that doing so would never happen.

But even within the affordable boats category, there are good inflatables and there are great ones. And the ones that seem to make the most sense are the ones that you can get at factory direct prices. Listen, we all start with the bells and the whistles of the products...but what moves the Visa card out of the wallet and into gear is price. And there are new companies out there in the inflatable affordable boating industry that will allow you to NOT pay a middle man.


If you are serious in your quest for affordable boats then your quest will take you into looking at surprisingly affordable inflatables. And if you get to that point then you need to be buying factory direct. Everything else, is paying too much for too little.