3 Tips On How To Get A Boyfriend In A Natural And Fun-Filled Way

Seeing your lady friends with great boyfriends and going out on dates while you stay at home watching an episode of 24 is NOT a great thing!

Now that's not to say 24 is an awful series. I think it's good by the way. BUT seriously, being left out as the only member in the gang who hasn't found a great boyfriend cannot be good.

That's unless you want to grow old...grumpy and snobbish.

Here's the bad news: unless you get out of there...off of the dark corners of your room and introvert self, nothings going to happen. Believe me, even a face like that of Liv Tyler needs some exposure before it gets attention.

BUT here's the great news the art of how to get a boyfriend...and a GREAT one can be learned! It only takes a couple of personality tweaking, NOT really going through a total make-over as that would not be the REAL you.

What I'm referring to is bringing the other and more exciting facets for your personality out and letting it shine for everyone to see.

Sounds good?

It sure is! And in light of that, I'll be laying down 3 simple tips on how to get a boyfriend in a NATURAL and fun-filled way.

Just keep this in mind, you NEED to take action. Don't just passively read and sit there waiting for things to happen because it won't!

Enough talking, let's bring these niceties to the stage.

How To Get A Boyfriend 1: Be careful of under-the-radar messages you send.

So are you at your twenties and haven't dated a guy...not even once?!

Perhaps there MUST be something wrong with the message that you send. You could be telling: "Stay away from me I'm not in a very good mood" without you knowing and that's a bad thing!

This could be attributed with the beliefs that you have about yourself and you better keep those inner beliefs in check.

Go grab a piece of pen and paper and be ready to write them down.

So you're saying you're not pretty enough to deserve a date?

Go check out the mall, how many couples look like they were from Hollywood? None? There you go! See, you are enough...good enough to grab a date and a boyfriend.

Here's the idea, when you realize a misconception is hampering you, find ways to immediately bash it.

How To Get A Boyfriend 2: Being friendly could take you a very long way.

No, I'm not saying you should be giddy like a school girl who blathers about immature and childish stuff. That's not very adorable either.

Instead, exude that aura that's so inviting, a guy in his right mind would inevitably come up to you to strike up a conversation.

Always smile, in a natural way of course. Strike up a conversation whenever you deem possible or fit.