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How To Find The Ideal Partner For Women's Eyes Only

By: Sarah Nichols Smith

It's REALLY odd when women are looking for the ideal partner and always wind up with the wrong guy. BUT when they are not in search of one, the right guy, all of a sudden, magically finds a way to them. It's as if destiny is playing tricks on them! Is there really a surefire way on how to find the ideal partner for woman? Better yet, do "ideal partners" TRULY exist? The answer depends on what you want. It's easy to say that you want someone who's tall, dark, and handsome. And those choices are NOT bad either.

BUT I'm talking about something deeper - I'm talking about what type of man you'll be happy with, his virtues, his attitudes, his perspectives, and what you can accept. Let's have a look at some factors that come into play on how to find the ideal partner and a couple basic steps to back it up. How To Find The Ideal Partner Step 1: Know your man's interests. What are his hobbies, his passion, the things he loves doing MOST? What type of company does he love to hang around with? What are his fears? And more importantly, do they (his interests) jive with yours?

They better do especially if you want your relationship to last long. If they don't, it can lead to small debates and arguments about your conflicting interests. And worse, it can snowball into something more unpleasant like the relationship being draining and unfulfilling for both of you. How To Find The Ideal Partner Step 2: Do different, everyday activities together...the activities you'll MOST likely do as a couple in a long-term relationship. This will give you an idea of what is each other's attitude and perspective under different situations that can crop up anytime. If at this point, your personalities don't seem to blend well together...the guy you are with may NOT be the ideal partner you're looking for.

Finally, Did you ever wonder why there "aren't any good men out there?" Do you find it EASY to attract men, but difficult to attract the ones you WANT?

Did you sometimes feel like you can ONLY attract men you DON'T want? And do you feel like this problem's been a pattern for some time now?

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