How To Give To Charity Without Spending A Penny

Have you always wanted to make a donation to charity but worried that you really could not afford to due to your own outgoings and the credit crunch? This article aims to show you ways in which you can give back and be charitable without hurting your own bank balance.

Clicking on sites to make a donation

There are several websites that have been created where you can visit and click on a link. This link represents a donation to that particular charity. The charity receives the money from sponsorships that they have in place. They have agreements with their sponsors who have agreed to donate a certain amount of money for every click that is received from the site. Now you can simply do your part by clicking on the links in order to generate the donation. Companies choose to do this for several reasons. One is because they will get people who are surfing the internet to see their advert or logo for their company and it is also their way of giving back.

Getting a charity card credit card

There are many credit card companies that work with charitable organisations and have produced a charity credit card. An example would be Cancer Research. As the cardholder you will use your credit card in exactly the same way as a normal card. Every time you make a purchase you receive a cashback reward. The credit card company donates this reward to Cancer Research (or whichever charity they are affiliated with). So you are able to make a donation without hurting your bank balance. You could even see this as guilt free shopping for yourself.

Donate your old phone to charity

Most people own a mobile phone today and due to the advances in technology, we are constantly offered upgrades. This means that there are a lot of old phones in cupboards and on shelves gathering dust. But now you can donate these old phones to charity. The phones are refurbished by the charity and then sold to other countries and the generated revenue is used to carry out the good work of the charity. Again this is a way of giving without spending a cent.

Take part in a charity run

Another way of giving back is to take part in an organised charity run. Several charitable institutions hold these events throughout the year. These events can range from a gentle stroll involving the whole family to a full on competitive marathon. All you need to do is gather together a few sponsors. The amount you raise can be a little or as much as you are able to collect as charities are very grateful for everything that they receive.

To find out what charities run these events simply enter the phrase running for charity in your search engine.

So now you know that you can indeed make a charitable contribution and make a difference without hurting your own bank balance. Do some clicking on the internet, get a charity credit card, donate our old mobile phone or take part in a charity run. Whatever you choose, know that you are making a difference.