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Discussion On Autism & Genetic Research

By: Robert Grazian

After much speculation and tons of money poured into research projects, the scientific world still holds heated debates asking over and over, "Is Autism a generic disorder?" There is some basic knowledge agreed upon about autism, such as it being a well known fact that autism runs in families, and that siblings can share autistic traits. That alone would cause speculation that autism has a genetic link of some sort.

One train of thought is that autism is a combination of genetic differences in several genes affected by some form of environmental influence that causes the individual to suffer the autistic traits. It is also been a source of interest in that most autistic people have been diagnosed with at least one other primary or secondary illness most often notably mental illnesses such as bi-polar or hyperactivity.

For many years autism was thought of as a disease caused by a lack of nurturing in the individual's life as an infant. It was felt that the lack of a loving environment would cause the introspective symptoms that so often accompany the severe phases of autism so a genetic explanation was not researched early on in the discovery of the illness.

However, most recent studies have taken the time to study the evidence provided by autistic individuals and the conclusion seems to point the direction towards a definite link to a genetic cause. One of the most prevalent pieces of evidence that shows there is a connection between autism and genetics is the fact that twins always display the same autistic tendencies. A set of twins not sharing the autistic symptoms has yet to be found among the many research models from autism.

In a recent study from the Autism Genome Project (AGP), there was a general consensus that chromosome abnormalities, particularly on chromosome number 11, are the basis for autism. In a noble quest to answer the question 'is autism a generic disorder?' the AGP will be conducting a lot more research throughout the coming years to see if they can unlock all of the genetic secrets that may be hidden by the autism veil, and many people are watching their studies very carefully.

There are many parents of autistic children who insist that autism is caused by different foods and chemicals that the children have been exposed to. While there has never been a real connection to the autism symptoms and any food or chemical, it surely is not detrimental to watching an autistic person's diet for elements that may cause certain noted reactions in the individual, but with all the facts in from recent research projects, it appears that you can answer the question "Is Autism a Generic Disorder?" with a resounding yes.

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