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Palm Beach Kennel Club September Stats And Events

By: Eb Netr

There's a lot going on at PBKC in September. There's something for everyone, horseplayers, greyhound fans and even football fans. But before we get to the dates and events that are on tap for this month, let's look at some stats and find out who's leading and who's receding in the standings.

Rader Kennel is still leading for win percentages this season with 16% and is also 2nd for win percentages for the last 133 races. B&B Kennel isn't doing too shabby with first place in wins in the last 133 races and a 23% win percentage in those races.

Moving on to the dogs who are heating up the track with wins, how about that MrI Generation! This pup has an amazing 52% win percentage with wins in 9 out of 17 starts! Second is number of wins is Mighty Mckel with 8 wins out of 13 which translates to a win percentage of 61%. And, in third, also with 8 wins, is Cjc's Neonlights - the winner of the recent Puppy Stakes - with a 57% win stat. When these dogs are running, you'd better throw them into your quiniela box, because they're liable to be there at the finish.

Strangely enough, none of the dogs with the most wins are on the list of the top ten fastest dogs for the last year. Afleet Alex - no surprises there - is first with a blazing 29.26. Star Jenko is 2nd with a 29.32 and Nobooth Gary is in 3rd, 5th, 6th and 7th place with times from 29.33 to 29.41.

For the Daily Double players, the picks that won had the 8 first in 3 out of 4 combinations, so if you play doubles, you might want to think about those 8 dogs. They were 4/2, 8/2, 8/5 and 8/8.

As for Post Position, as usual in Sprints, the 1 Box was way out in front with 388 winners in the last 180 days, but the 8 Box was a pretty close second with 371. In Routes, once again it was the 1 Box with 65 winners and the 3 and 4 pretty close with 53 and 52 respectively. In Dashes, the 2 Box with 24 edged out the 1Box with 23.

Now for the events that you won't want to miss in September:

For Horse Players:

* $750,000 Fitz Dixon Cotillion Stakes From Philadelphia Park on September 20th

* $600,000 Beldame Stakes, $600,000 Flower Bowl Invitational and $400,000 Vosburgh Stakes from Belmont on September 27th

For greyhound fans:

* The 2nd Annual Race/Walk For the Animals at Okeeheelee Park also on September 27th

For Poker Room Patrons:

* Football Frenzy runs all month with all your favorite games on Sports TV and High Hand Giveaways with some great prizes

Palm Beach is one of my favorite tracks and one of the few without slots or casino games so I can concentrate on greyhound handicapping. Of course, if you're a poker player, you can play in the poker room and still catch the greyhound and horse betting action from the country's best tracks. This September and all 'year 'round, Palm Beach Kennel Club offers something for everyone, including people like me who are fans of live greyhound racing.

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