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Getting Money Today With A Payday Loan

By: Jon Arnold

A payday loan, also sometimes known as a cash advance loan is a short-term loan that is borrowed until the person's next payday. Normally on a payday loan, a person can borrow from $100.00 to $2000.00, which is due on/ in two weeks. The fees usually run approximately $15.00 for every $100.00 that is borrowed but this can vary significantly.

Payday loans are unsecured loans, so there is no long wait for money, you can get your money in just a short time, and there are no credit checks. The only thing that is usually required is a few check stubs to show the lender that they do have a steady and secure source of income. They are great for those urgent past due bills that need to be paid before one of your utilities are turned off. They are also good for a small loan for a down payment for something that you really want or need right now.

The lending company may want you to leave a post-dated check for the amount of the loan plus the fees and finance charges. On the day that the loan is due, the borrower is expected to be at the lending facility in person to pick up the post-dated check, and pay back the loan in cash. However, when people do not get to the loan office in time the lending company can then deposit the post-dated check into the bank, or by electronic withdrawal. If the borrower does not have the money in the bank to cover the amount of the post-dated check they end up having a bounced check fee, plus the amount of the check that they have to still pick up with an additional late fee. This turns out to add up to much more money than the original agreement called for.

Many internet lenders offer more money and cheaper finance rates if you borrow from them. The reason for this is that the money lending market is extremely competitive, and doing business online can be done with much lower overhead. But as with any company you do business with, either online or offline, you should check into the company to make sure they are legitimate.

In countries such as Canada, the regulations are strict, and if any lender charges above 60%, it is a criminal offence. In the United States, the regulations are left to each state as to how payday loans are handled. For instance, in the state of Georgia, payday loans have been banned for over 100 years. But in 2004, the Georgia Legislation has made it a felony for anyone who offers a payday loan. New Mexico and North Carolina are two other states that have very strict regulations on payday loans.

Payday loans in the UK have been on the rise, because there is no law against payday lending, and there is now pretty much an limited amount that you can borrow. However, the interest rates are drastically higher.

Be very careful as some loan companies have been known to charge up to 400% interest and even more in certain countries. So be sure to read the fine print. Never be late on your payment, so that it will keep your rates down to a minimum. Payday loans are good in their own way, but when it is abused people start having trouble paying it back. If you can afford to wait a few days to get approvals, a personal loan with an extended payback period may be better for you, but if you need the money right now, a payday loan is the way to go since you can usually get your money in a few hours instead of a few days.

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