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The Number 1 Secret To Win At The Dog Track

By: Eb Netr

Are you missing a big piece of the handicapping puzzle? There's a good way to tell if that's true. Ask yourself, Do I leave the dog track with more money than I go there with?

If the answer isn't consistently "yes", then you're definitely missing something crucial to winning at the greyhound track. Even if you've been handicapping for years, there's obviously something that you don't know that's keeping you from cashing tickets.

What is it? Well, it could be one or more of many things. Maybe you're good at picking winners, but lousy at betting them. Maybe you pick two dogs out of the trifecta, but lose because another dog gets in there for second.

Quinielas might work for you, but only if you bet four dog boxes and then the quinielas don't pay enough to be worth betting on. Or you may win money on one kind of bet or grade and blow it all on "side bets" because you keep seeing other things to bet on.

Many times, bettors fail because they fail to plan. Or they go over their program, decide what to bet on and then second guess themselves and bet other things instead.

How many times have you come home from the track, kicking yourself for doing the same old thing that makes you lose money, even though you tell yourself on the way to the track that - this time - it's going to be different? How many times have you walked into the track, confident that you have several good picks and that's what you're going to bet on, only to realize a few hours later that you bet on impulse and lost money?

If you keep doing this, you'll keep losing. The only way to "change your luck" is to change your handicapping strategy. Get a plan, a system, and stick with it. Test it on paper first with old programs and then use it and improve it until you're consistently making money.

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