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Prophetic Fishing By Jean Krisle Blasi - A Book Review For The Eager

By: Matthew Robert Payne

As a prophet in his preparation years it is not often that I come across a person that has experienced what I have in my Christian walk. As a prophet, I am strange or I feel strange when I tell people I can have half an hour discussions with Jesus or the Father, and I see them look at me as if I am mad.

Imagine my surprise when I came across a person who is not only like me but has been that way for over thirty years in ministry. I thought I was a strange one going from place to place and speaking special messages to people from all walks of life from Jesus, now someone has written a book on how you can do it too!

Prophetic fishing is a book for you if you want to experience the presence of God and walk in the prophetic. As Jean says in the book, everyone has the gift of prophecy, it simply hasn't been activated in the average believer.

Oh, how exciting this book is to read. It's easy to understand and yet profound. Here is a lady that has a love affair with Jesus, and thousands of people have benefited as she has brought them personal words from Jesus. Like me, she is one where she often gets up from a table in a restaurant and goes to have a chat with strangers that the Lord has called her to chat to.

I have a rule, if you are a friend of mine, you have to be prepared to lose me from time to time for a number of minutes as I go and give a prophetic word to some strangers that the Lord points out to me.

Chapter after chapter takes you on a journey, a journey where you will find knowledge and information that will see you also become a prophetic fisherman one day.

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