Latest Development In Wrestling Singlet

As manufacturers of sporty uniforms, one of our extra interesting dilemmas over the decades has been in the construction, design, & exaggeration of wrestling uniforms. Of all of the games, the balance between functionality, appearance & comfort in wrestling is mainly extremely critical. Wrestlers face sufficient adversity on the mat exclusive of having to be concerned with the presentation of their apparel.

Two significant developments over the few decades have changed the manufacturing process as concerned to wrestling...
oThe growth of "sublimation"
oThe advent of "Spandex" & "Lycra" kind materials

Spandex & Lycra material have transformed wrestling uniforms (singlet). These latest materials provide lot of things that you would search in a wrestling cloth. The older fabrics that were used were mainly double knit nylons & polyesters. They were extremely durable but did not give much & were considerably heavier then required to be. They could also be tremendously uncomfortable. By difference, spandex & lycra are light weight, comfortable & can widen with the body size.

The only disadvantage to these latest fabrics has been in the embellishment of them. Due to their tremendous "stretchiness," they on one occasion presented a lot of problems with embellishment. Screen printing looked fine primarily but the inks would get worse quickly since they couldn't possibly stretch as to a great extent as the fabric. Swiss embroidery & tacklet will solved that difficulty since they were in reality "sewn" into the piece of clothing, but the stitches that were essential on the inside of the singlet could be extremely abrasive to the wrestler.

The growth of "sublimation" has solved the graphics difficulty & much more.

oSublimation can be completed in limitless color combinations & there is almost no boundary to the graphic capabilities that are probable.
oWith sublimation, all logos, lettering, etc. are dyed straightly into the fabric itself & are as soft & pliable as the cloth.
oOn peak of that, the sublimated blueprint will actually last as long as the fabric itself. It is truly a win-win situation.
This crucial development has led to a new era for wrestling singlet, as they are tremendously comfortable & elastic in nature.

In summary, manufactures can now manufacture the ideal wrestling uniform. A proficient athletic uniform manufacturer must be able to not just modify the uniform itself but now modify the sublimated logos of the uniform as well.