Baby Steps To Victory

You can't accept failure to define your life, because this is what it does, it defines your life, this means that action is no longer present... it's not alive, everything is dead, a mental condition that doesn't want to act. It doesn't mean to lose a fight, because in a fight there's actions, it means staying down. Everybody encounters defeat in some point in their lives (wealthy, famous and important people have had it too).

Being a looser is accepting failure in your mind without wanting to do anything about it, It's staying defeated, It's not facing your fears, is not being brave, no faith to sharpen your vision. Loser's give up their minds easily, affecting their homes, families, work, businesses, priorities and just focus on defeat and defend it with their guts. Keep on giving baby steps, going forward, seeing and feeling that happiness is steps ahead, One day you will see that by just given baby steps, even thus you don't wake up with the biggest faith, a fresh vision or even blind... but you walked, you've conquered victory in that moment and moments add up hours then days and years. Maybe you won't understand the importance of those baby steps in the moment, but you will understand it in the future when you look back and that step didn't stop you to achieve what is yours now. Dream on, aim high, meditate and declare daily what you plan to achieve for you and your family and really important keep given baby steps, keep walking. You can't prevent victory to appear if you do so, it will come true, it's guaranteed.

You can never change a yesterday but you can replace it with a victory today.