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Prepare To Be Resisted - Innovation's First Priority

By: Lance Winslow

For a society and civilization that has succeeded through innovation and change, it's just amazing how resistant to change people actually are. Folks will often claim they want change and then scream bloody murder as change is occurring. Why you ask? Well, it has a lot to do with the human comfort zone; how folks feel about such things at a very personal level.

Even those who favor chaos and seek opportunity resist change, all the while claiming to be change-makers. Thus, some wise advice for inventors, innovators, and entrepreneurs with new novel ideas is; Be Prepared to Be Resisted, as it is Innovation's First Priority, because if you cannot handle the resistance you are in the wrong business.

Now this is not to say that resistance is futile, but rather if you are going to go off and blaze a new trail, you need to know that you'll be called every name in the book; Ignorant, Stupid, Naïve, Nut Case, Crazy, Etc., so, just be prepared for that eventual potentiality. How would I know this? Ha ha ha, well, let's just say I know.

You must take all these personal attacks with a grain of salt and let all that water, all that sound and fury flow under the bridge you are building. If you take it personally and let it get to you, you'll find your ability to be a creative genius will elude you. There are four stages to social acceptance of new innovations. The first one is severe resistance. The good thing is, it gets easier as you go and, more tolerable with each new innovation you create. Please think on this.

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